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This bundle contains the perfect mix of Natural Sea Sponges for your baby! Super soft on the skin, these sponges will clean even the tender skin of newborns without the course harshness of many synthetic sponges. 


Transform bathtime with your little one into an organic, enriching and caring experience, in which your little one's skin will be imbued with the natural minerals found in these sponges; making their experince both pain-free and benefical to their health. 


This package includes:

Silk Sea Sponge:

2" - 2 ½" bleached

2 ½" - 3" bleached

4" - 4 ½"bleached

5" - 5 ½"bleached

Baby Bundle

  • Before using your Natural Sea Sponge, be sure to wet it under warm water to soften.
    Sea Sponges are by nature stiff when dry, but become very soft when wet. 
    After use, simply rinse with clean water,  squeeze the water out and leave it in a dry place. 

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