Grass Sea Sponges are from the Caribbean.

Harvested from the seas of Cuba, the Bahamas, the West Indies and off the Florida coast.

Hypoallergenic, absorbent and so soft, the grass sea sponge is the ideal product for bath and cosmetic use.


Suitable for exfoliation and body scrub, even to the most sensitive type of skin.

Due to its texture, the Grass sponge is ideal for household cleaning, removing scum and soap from your bathtub or other surfaces.


Grass sea sponges are available in size range from

3 ½" - 4" bleached
4" - 4½"bleached
5" - 5 3 ½" unbleached

5½" - 6"bleached

5½" - 6" unbleached

Grass Sea Sponge

  • Before using your Natural Sea Sponge, be sure to wet it under warm water to soften.
    Sea Sponges are by nature stiff when dry, but become very soft when wet. 
    After use, simply rinse with clean water,  squeeze the water out and leave it in a dry place.