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Transform your skin care routine and feel the benefits of all our unique sponges.


Silk Sea Sponges

Offers gentle yet deep massage for the skin, exfoliates, ideal for removal of makeup and other cosmetics, ideal for face and neck cleansing and baby skin.


Grass Sea Sponge

The grass sponges are ideal for exfoliation. This sponge is also available in an unbleached version, making it suitable for sensitive skin types just like the silk and honeycomb sponges


Honeycomb Sea Sponge

Known as the 'King of Sponges', this sponge is especially useful for the removal of dead skin cells, dirt and cosmetics from the skin and for reducing cellulite conditions.


This package includes:


Silk Sponge

2" - 2 ½" bleached

2 ½" - 3" bleached


Grass Sea Sponge:

5" - 5 ½" unbleached


Honeycomb Sponge:

5 ½" - 6" unbleached

Indulgence Package

  • Before using your Natural Sea Sponge, be sure to wet it under warm water to soften.
    Sea Sponges are by nature stiff when dry, but become very soft when wet. 
    After use, simply rinse with clean water,  squeeze the water out and leave it in a dry place. 

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