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Natural Sea Sponges Australia

Enhance your 
bathing experience

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Soma & Co.

Transform your skin care routine with luxurious Natural Sea Sponges that will enhance your bathing experience. Our sponges are silky smooth, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic to naturally take care of any skin type.

Natural Sea Sponges are hand-picked from the Mediterranean Sea and contain minerals of potassium, iron, sodium, zinc and magnesium that leave your skin feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Feel the difference by simply adding water or a drop of soap to create a lather to gently exfoliate the skin.

Our Natural Sea Sponges are bio-degradable, cruelty free and an

eco-friendly alternative to synthetic sponges for healthier skin and a healthier planet. Our sponges even offer the perfect solution for bathing babies.

So whether it’s normal, sensitive, tough or damaged - your unique skin deserves natural solution that improves overall health and leaves you glowing.

Are you ready to feel the difference?

Natural Sea Sponges Melbourne

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Thank you for choosing Soma & Co. in your search for quality, natural skin care. We are so excited to be
a part of your wellness journey and are confident you will feel nothing short of rejuvenated.

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' I don’t think there’s any better way to describe how this sponge feels on the body than a simple “Wow”; it’s just so soft and gives such a thorough clean without needing much soap at all – the thing bubbles like crazy (saves money on soap!) I’ll be honest, after using organic sea sponges I haven’t even thought about plastic ones again and I don’t think there’s any way I can go back! Thank you Soma & Co for transforming my body care routine! 


- D.B

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